Child Relocation and Removal

Get Help with Child Custody Relocation Near Somerset, MA

If you’re planning to move from Somerset, MA, work with a child custody lawyer to get assistance with child relocation. Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law has extensive legal experience. As such, Attorney Miguel can guide you through your child relocation case.

What Is Child Relocation?

Moving out of state when an individual has been awarded custody of a child can be somewhat complicated. While an individual can’t be prevented from moving, the courts will still have to determine if it’s in the best interests of the child. As such, the individual with custody will have to go through a legal process called child relocation. Child custody relocation—also known as child removal—is where one parent relocates the child to another area. Whether the move is being made by you or your former partner, it’s important to work with a qualified child custody lawyer, as they can assist with this process.

Partner with a Qualified Attorney

A move must be approved either by the courts or by the other parent and, to retain custody, must be in the best interests of the child. At Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law, Attorney Miguel has extensive knowledge of child custody laws and have helped with a range of family court cases. Because of this, she is prepared to provide you with guidance throughout your case. Attorney Miguel can help modify a custody agreement, assist with legal strategies, and otherwise provide you with guidance.

Attorney Miguel has over 25 years of experience serving Somerset, MA

Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law aims to provide clients with reliable assistance throughout their cases. Attorney Miguel is experienced, compassionate, and honest. She will listen carefully to your needs and help you determine the right solution for your situation. Consider calling today to learn more.

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