Partner with a Qualified Massachusetts Family Law Attorney

Family law matters can be complex. Partner with a qualified family law attorney near Somerset, MA, to receive assistance with your case. At Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law, Attorney Miguel is prepared to offer a reliable service for your case from beginning to end. She is experienced, honest, and knowledgeable about a range of legal matters. Receive assistance with your divorce case, child custody, and other concerns today.


Family law matters can be extremely difficult. As such, Attorney Miguel treats all clients with compassion and will listen carefully to make sure you’re heard.


Attorney Miguel has been working in the legal field for over two decades. This experience has provided a thorough understanding of the law, which is used to help guide her clients.


Miguel Law Offices helps clients in whatever way possible. This means providing thorough representation and reliable support throughout your case.


Attorney Miguel understands that you may need urgent help with your case. That’s why she tries to be available to answer questions for her clients. Call today and learn more.

Over 25 Years of Legal Experience

Attorney Miguel has extensive experience with a range of family law-related concerns, including divorce, child custody, and child support. For years, she has assisted clients with their cases, working diligently to provide them with unerring support. Now, Miguel Law Offices wants to provide you with the same service.

Consider Partnering with Us

Partnering with a family law attorney near Somerset, MA, comes with many benefits. A qualified attorney can guide you through your case, provide reliable legal support, and more. At Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law, we’re ready to offer qualified legal assistance. Consider calling today to learn more and schedule your consultation.

Divorce and Post-Divorce Modification

Divorce is often a difficult time for many individuals. It can be somewhat of a struggle to navigate it on your own, so consider contacting a qualified divorce attorney. At Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law, we can assist with property division, alimony, and other related concerns. In addition, we can assist with post-divorce modification, should the need arise. Call today to speak to a divorce attorney.

Child Support, Custody, and Relocation

You want to make sure that your child is properly taken care of. Get help with child custody, support, and relocation by partnering with a qualified lawyer. At Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law, we can help modify child custody agreements, determine child support, and provide you with a range of other services. The main goal is to help you make sure your child’s best interests are represented.

Make a Solid Estate Plan, Ready to Give You Reliable Legal Service

Attorney Miguel can do more than just help with family law; she is also able to assist clients with estate planning concerns. Trust Miguel Law Offices Attorney at Law to help you create a simple will, create a healthcare proxy, and assist with other estate planning needs. Her goal is to ultimately help clients prepare for the future and assist with their unique needs.

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