Domestic Violence

Fall River Domestic Violence and Spousal Battery Lawyer

Domestic violence is a growing concern in families. While abused spouses and children require protection from assaults, threats and batteries, falsely accused spouses do also need help. It is an unfortunate fact that many men and women use domestic violence and battery allegations against their spouses in an attempt to gain unfair advantage in a child custody dispute or divorce proceeding.

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Temporary and Permanent Restraining Orders (209A Protective Orders)

In Massachusetts, an abused person can request protection from the courts. A temporary restraining order is available to any party who is in imminent danger of abuse or who is the victim of an assault or battery. Protection from abuse applies not only to spouses but also to all family members and anyone who had a dating relationship. Under the applicable law, abuse included the following:

  • Forced sexual relations
  • Fear of serious bodily harm such as threats (assault)
  • Actual physical violence (battery)

An abuse prevention order does not require the presence of your spouse (or abuser) and is usually effective for 10 days. After the initial 10 days, a hearing is set before a judge and both parties are present to determine if the abuse prevention order should be extended. I can represent either party at this hearing. I can also help abused victims apply for an abuse prevention order and can help those wrongfully accused modify or vacate an abuse prevention order against them.

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