Unemployment Law

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Unemployment hearings are important for both employees and employers, whether the employee is appealing a benefit denial decision, or the employer is appealing a benefit decision made in the employee's favor.

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Whether you are laid off, terminated or voluntarily quit due to a hostile workplace environment, termination of employment can have a significant impact on your life. Filing for unemployment benefits is a difficult, prolonged process that frequently results in denials and appeals — adding to your financial distress. As an experienced Somerset unemployment benefit lawyer, I can explain your rights and guide you through the appeals process.

Your unemployment appeal could involve a number of issues such as:

  • Were benefits denied due to inadequate information provided regarding the reason you quit?
  • Was inaccurate information provided resulting in benefits being wrongfully provided to a former employee?
  • Was inaccurate information provided regarding current availability for employment?

At Miguel Law Offices, I offer more than 21 years of experience handling complex employment law matters, including unemployment law cases arising from unemployment benefit denial by the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA). I am also skilled in representing employers in appealing a decision in favor of the employee in unemployment law cases. I can thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding your case, and present a compelling case supporting your interests.

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