Client Testimonials

The following are actual client testimonials. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the clients. All testimonials have been published with the clients' express permission to do so and appear as written by the clients. No compensation of any kind was offered or paid for the testimonials.

Jennifer Miguel, Esq., and her paralegal make it their goal to achieve just, fair and positive results for the firm's clients.

My Husband and I engaged the law firm of Miguel Law Offices to handle the guardianship of our very precious grandchild.

We met with attorney Jennifer Miguel, and she thoroughly explained our legal options as well as the process involved with obtaining permanent guardianship. Attorney Miguel supported us both legally and emotionally through several temporary guardianship reviews hearings.

Attorney Jennifer Miguel promptly returned phone calls, answering our questions and offering sound legal advice to us.

We were anxious as we neared the permanent guardianship hearing. Attorney Miguel thoroughly prepared us to take the stand on our granddaughter's behalf, and explained all the steps involved.

The guardianship trial lasted four days. Attorney Miguel was always expertly prepared and highly knowledgeable. Witnesses were summoned, questioned and cross-examined by attorney Miguel in a very professional manner.

In addition, attorney Miguel was compassionate, understanding and kind, respectful of the emotional impact we were experiencing.

We cannot thank attorney Jennifer Miguel enough for her excellent and diligent work on the successful outcome in obtaining the permanent guardianship of our precious granddaughter.

Hi Jennifer,

  • In 14 years, I never missed a child support payment yet was always going back to court.

  • Three prior lawyers always left me feeling that their interest was primarily to get through the process with little regard for my well-being.

  • Three prior lawyers were easily intimidated by the ranting and antics of my ex's lawyer because he was a high-ranking figure in the Massachusetts Bar Association. I don't blame that lawyer for his antics as much as my prior lawyers for letting it work!

  • Jennifer is the fourth lawyer in 14 years and many trips to court. She is the first one who recommended (no insisted) taking a stand for my rights.

  • Her help allowed me to get a settlement that was fair and equally as important, final. I know what I'll be paying from now till my youngest finishes college and that is how I spell relief!

Thanks again for your help.

Dear Jennifer

Enclosed please find a check settling my account. I wanted, also, to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all the assistance you have provided over the past year and a half. I particularly want to thank you for your patience with and advice to me during this difficult time. More importantly, of course, accept my gratitude for what I believe is as fair and equitable resolution to the matter as was possible under the circumstances.

My daughter is visiting [me] regularly and it is immediately apparent to any observer that she highly values her relationship with [me]. I also value the relationship and strive to be the best father I know how to be. My former wife and I seem to be able to interact in a more friendly manner and it is my hope that time will improve our cooperation even more.

The most important debt of gratitude I owe you is your unstinting efforts to protect the rights, equilibrium and well-being of a little 8-year-old child you have never even met! Perhaps, at some time I can bring her to your office and introduce you. I suspect that sort of reward might equal the pecuniary one as well as the sense of competence you should feel as a result of utilizing your talents and skills to such good effect.

While it is my most fervent desire to avoid using your services again, be assured that if necessity requires it, you will be the one I turn to. Thank you.

Dear Jennifer Miguel,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work throughout my divorce. I would never have been able to get through this hard time in my life without you, and I truly mean that.

I looked at you not only as my lawyer but also as a friend who genuinely cared about my life. You wanted the best for me and my two boys and it was obvious in the way you handled my case. Your reputation as a lawyer is impressive and I am honored to have had you represent me.

The first day I met you I was a weak woman who was completely lost in my world. I honestly thought that my life was over. I am grateful that you took me under your wing and guided me through the hardest time of my life. You were my strength throughout these months and I could never repay you for that. Now that the divorce is complete I stand strong and confident!

I am proud of how I handled this unexpected situation. I believe that this divorce was managed with class and pose and that is a reflection on you, as my lawyer. More importantly, I always felt secure walking into the courtroom, because I knew that I was being represented by an honest lawyer who would fight for everything that I deserved.

Once again, thank you Jennifer, you truly are a an inspiration.

Jennifer Smith Miguel has been my attorney for 10+ years. During this time, she has provided ongoing support and guidance to assist me through many difficult decisions and situations. Several years ago, she represented me during a difficult divorce. Her depth of knowledge in family law prepared me for all proceedings and allowed me to ensure financial security for my three daughters' future. She has and continues to provide me with the information and choices necessary to make informed decisions for the welfare of my family. Without hesitation, I recommend attorney Smith Miguel for your family law needs.

Hi, I just wanted to email you regarding your recent services involving my son's request. I found your office to be very thorough, upfront, and understanding. I thank you for that, along with your patience and understanding. It was a difficult time for my son and I, and all involved, attorney Miguel made that time much easier to deal with. You helped us obtain a new future, and we want to thank you for making this possible.